Groundwork AI was founded on the belief that Geoprofessionals can supercharge their skills with Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning, leading to smarter, safer and more cost-effective infrastructure monitoring, design and construction. To that end, we build tailored data management and predictive systems while offering university-level analytics training.

Our mission is to design, test and deploy the best predictive solutions in the Geoprofession. We have started by focusing on deep foundations and subsurface conditions, but we can't wait to show you what we are working on next.

We are a young, bootstrap company (est. 2020) with big ideas and a passion for engineering and analytics. Think of us as an engineering firm that runs like a tech company. We reject billable hours and work with value-based contracts because a fruitful partnership requires sharing risks and goals.

Contact us

We are working remotely due to the global pandemic. Our mailing address is 68 Jay St Suite 201, Brooklyn NY 11201, USA. Get in touch at hello@groundwork.ai or call +1 (347) 850-7382.